Redmi is now a sub-brand of Xiaomi

Xiaomi already has Poco as a sub-brand, and now the Chinese company has announced that Redmi will be split off into its own sub-brand as well.

The Redmi and Redmi Note smartphones have been among the brand’s most popular budget smartphones. The move to establish Redmi as an independent brand does make sense. The new Redmi sub-brand will continue to focus on budget devices, leaving Xiaomi to focus on the flagship market with its Mi series smartphones. There is a possibility that with this move, Xiaomi might find it easy to move into more markets around the globe, similar to Huawei and its sub-brand Honor.
There is also a possibility that the first handset under the newly formed Redmi brand could launch on January 10th, namely the Redmi Pro 2 as well as the Redmi 7. The new Redmi Pro 2 is expected to sport a 48-megapixel camera at the back.
With the separation of Redmi, the Mi brand could potentially see an improvement in terms of quality and quantity in the high-end segment and hopefully, we will see flagship products finally heading to India.



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