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As we know most people among us suffer from Acidity. It is now most commonly seen all around the world, mostly depending on food habits.

Firstly, let’s know what is Acidity and it’s basic causes.


Acidity is the type of digestive disease in which stomach acid [bile] creates irritation through the lining of the food pipelining.

➢  It is commonly known as ACID REFLUX.
➢  And medically it is known as GASTRO ESOPHAGAL REFLUX DISEASE (GERD).

Reasons for the cause of Acidity:

➢  Not having a proper healthy diet.
➢  Not maintaining a particular time to eat.
➢  Having food with heavy flavors of sour and spicy.
➢  Lying down immediately after eating.

Symptoms observed:

➢  Burning sensation in the stomach and chest.
➢  Vomiting.
➢  Bloating of the stomach.
➢  Difficulty while swallowing.
➢  Bad Breath.

Most commonly seen:

It is most commonly observed among people with

➢  The obese body; they have a natural tendency towards having food with weird spicy
➢  Pregnant ladies; They are preferred to eat healthy food but they generally have cravings for hot and spicy foods and sour flavored foods.
➢  Smoking; They already spoiled half of their life due to smoking and their body has grown weakly unable to handle the food intake.

Precautions (ways to overcome Acidity):

➢  Keeping oneself hydrated all the time.
➢  Maintaining a proper diet with also following of proper time.
➢  Increasing intake of curd, juices which cause the neural reaction and keeps the acidity in control.
➢  If you are a person addicted to smoking; Quit smoking.
➢  Try to calm the body, perform some exercises, and keep the body with regular activities.
➢  Make comfortable sleeping in an inclined way.
➢  Don’t drink carbonated and packed drinks.
➢  Stay, sit, or walk after eating. Don’t lie down or sleep.
➢  If you have an obese body try to control your eating habits and reduce your weight.

Article By Hrithika Thakur.

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