Hiccups are due to the irritation of the nerves that had extended from the neck to the chest can cause hiccups.

many conditions are cause for these irritations and result in hiccups including the intaking of food too fast and swallowing air and chewing of gum and eating or drinking too much, hiccups may be associated with crying, coughing.

Hiccups are rarely caused for concern but if the hiccups become more frequent, chronic and also persistent if it is lasting for more than 3 hours it also affects the sleeping hours it also interferes with the eating and vomitings can also occur abdominal pain.

fever and the shortness of breath, and has the feeling as the throat is going to close up and also shortness of breath.

hiccups also cause irritation of the nerves which extends from the neck to the chest hiccups are not so serious and have no clear reason for the occurrence this presence causes health problems like speech changes or hard to eat or sleep.


There are many conditions that can be a cause for hiccups

  • Damage of the vagus or phrenic nerve can cause hiccups to last a long time.
  • Stroke and brain tumors involving the brain stems and some of the chronic medical disorders. also, cause hiccups.
  • Smoking or chewing gum will also cause a person to swallow air and gets hiccups.
  • If a person eats too fast he or she can swallow air along with the food and causes hiccups.
  • Noxious fumes can also trigger hiccup symptoms.
  • Anxiety and stress can also include both short term and long term hiccups.

The hiccups are rarely a medical emergency the doctor who may be involved in treating hiccups includes an otolaryngologist, gastroenterologist, neurologist and pulmonologist or psychologist.


There are a variety of home remedies to get ridge of hiccups which involves holding of the breath to drinking a glass of water quickly.

the most common thread to these remedies that carbon dioxide will build up in the person who is suffering from the hiccups.

some of the methods can get ridge of these hiccups like

  • Hold your breath
  • Drink a glass of water quickly
  • Use smelling salts
  • Have someone frighten you
  • Have the person pull hard on their tongue
  • Place one-half spoon of dry sugar on the back of tongue taking care while eating as well as at drinking of water can stop hiccups.

Article By Madhuri Rao.

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